5th Generation Digital Signature Tool

  • Send Digital signature emails - SMS is quicker and best
  • Check who is signing - higher level of Authentication
  • Use Legal Forms for your Business processes & Quote / Invoice / Collect payments digitally
  • Try Just Sign for free 10 documents - no credit card required
  • Highest level of security standard - yet very easy to use interface
  • Comprehensive Court accepted Audit Trail - Secure & Compliant
  • You get tamper free block chained digital signed documents


Unlimited Digital Signatures

  • Just Sign yourself or Send unlimited documents for digital signatures to your customers with your company branding to sign securely via email.
  • Track in real-time progress of document and get notification at each stage.
  • All parties get completed signed document & court admissible audit trail of every event in the whole signing process.
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SMS is best

  • Future proof your business with obtaining signature & consents via SMS from your customers.
  • Get instant digital signature from clients during face to face meeting with Authenticated One Time Password (OTP) on mobile in real time.
  • Its fast and its safe. Read how your business can get smarter. Download Information
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Biometric Identity Verification - make sure signers are who they claim to be

  • Gives business greater confidence as our Biometric ID verification service provides a secure, fast and private way to verify your signers identity.
  • We verify in real-time, Driver Licence, Medicare card or Passports with Australian Governments records and provide a stamp of superier authentication for your signers.
  • The (Biometric Identity Verification) checks the biographic information of signers identity document as it matches the original record of the Australian Government. The result gives assurity that signers are who they claim to be.
  • You can also identify yourself via our system - so that when you sign - you put a stamp on documents with your signatrue that you have been verified by Australian Governments ID-Match service to give a higher level of confidence to those who want you to sign digitally.
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Use Legal Forms for your Business to eradicate friction in your sales process

  • Save time in getting routine documents and forms filled by you customers.
  • Access either our 300+ pre-made legal forms or create your own business specific legal form and share with your team.
  • Access your legal forms and send them to customers on-the-go and get quicker response and more sales from your customers.
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Broadcast & Collect payments - all in one

  • Reach out to your customers using our Broadcast SMS service.
  • Use our online payment gateway - where a sales campaign is broadcasted to your customers via SMS - e.g. restaurant or an event selling tickets.
  • Your customers will receive a SMS and will enter their name & click to pay by credit card on our website and we will reconcile all receipts and pay you directly in your bank account.

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Certified Australian Made product

  • We are supporting Australian businesses to digitize their enterprise.
  • Our Australia based customer support and IT team are capable of handling any queries or complaints regarding the security concerns of handling documents online.
  • All your data is hosted in Australian data centers, and we aim to incorporate integrity, and compliance in our services.
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Upload and / or Download - Fully Integrated

  • Import your documents which need to be signed by your Customers.
  • After Digital Signature store your documents on our platform with 2FA security.
  • Send documents to your document storage provider.
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  • Unlimited Envelops
    Send unlimited number of eSignature requests via email

    With JustSign, you can send unlimited number of envelopes to digitally sign documents . An envelope can contain a limit of 10 documents, where each document can be digitally signed by maximum 10 signatories. So you can send an envelope to more than 1 signatory at a time to get documents signed through our e-signature platform.

  • Request signatures on SMS
    Send SMS to Signers to sign on mobile devices

    Subscribe to our yearly plans to suit your requirement of number of SMS. With our Basic Plan, you can send 100 SMS to signers to digitally sign documents via mobile phone. You can purchase extra SMS on request at most competitive prices.

  • Work with Teams
    Share documents with your team members

    Depending on your subscribed plan, the principal account holder can add 1 or more senders to your team to work with you. You can add staff members and assign them access to prepare and send documents to clients to digitally sign documents.

  • Priority setting
    Set order of signing priority for multiple signers - Who will sign first

    A Sender can set admin control prior to sending an envelope. You can either prioritize a document or set the order sequence in which they are signed by multiple signers. Set an expiry date to sign a document and set recurrence of reminders through emails to signers. You can also set notices to get the advancement of the record.

  • Receive progress notification
    Review progress and get notified when singers sign

    The sender decides how to inform the signer to sign the document either by email or by SMS. Sender get can get email notifications when important events occur on documents, such as when a recipient views and signs the document. Once signed, the Signer also receives an email notification with completion certificate and signed copy of the document.

  • Multiple Digital Signature on Each Document
    Flexibility to get up to 10 signers sign every document

    Each document can have a maximum number of 10 Signers. A signer can receive upto 10 documents to sign in an envelope. All our plans have a standard limit of 10 signers per document regardless of the plan you buy.

  • Upload, Draw or Chose Font
    Signers can either upload, draw or choose a font for their Signature

    A Signer can sign a document by either drawing the signature with a mouse, choose the system font style or simply upload his signature. The signature can be stored for later use.

  • Sign without an Account
    A Signer can sign without opening an account with us

    A signer is not required to register with us to sign a document. This is also feasible for a Witness as the Signer can nominate any person as it’s witness. Thus, a Witness can sign the documents without having an account on Just Sign.

  • Sign on any device anywhere
    A Signer can use any device with internet connection to sign

    JustSign is fully compatible to any device with internet making it easy for your clients to sign from anywhere without having an account with JustSign

  • Appoint a Witness
    Singers can appoint a witness for documents which need to be witnessed

    Signers can appoint a second individual present to digitally sign the document as a witness. This details are recorded with witness's email address, IP address, and geolocation for authentication purpose.

  • Email Verification to signers
    Verfiy your signer with verification code sent to their email id

    Email is sent to signer's registered email id with verification code to ensure that the signer himself is signing the document.

  • Request Signers for Higher Authentication
    Verfiy your signer with mobile One Time Password (OTP)

    With our 2 step verification using email and mobile phone, the sender has a secured confirmation that the right person is signing the document. Once the signer enters the verification code sent via email, an OTP is sent to the signer on his mobile phone for further verification

  • Verify Signer's identity proof
    Auto ID Verification of signers to access document for signing

    A sender can request the signer to upload proof of identity like Medicare card, Drivers License, or Passport to confirm the identity of the signer. The document can be viewed and signed by the signer only after submitting the desired ID proof.

  • Face-to-Face Signing
    In-person signer verification with OTP sent to signer on SMS

    A signer can also sign with Face-to-Face aka in-person signing while being physically next to document owner or needs to visit the sender's office. Besides physical verification, a sender sends OTP to signer's mobile phone to securely get the document signed F2F by signer.

  • Request signers to Upload video
    Verify your signer through a 10 sec video

    Get your legally critical documents signed securly with JustSign by leveraging our 10 second video authentication feature. A real-time video call between two or more parties can help to identify who is signing to prove their intent and ensure integrity of document signing process. Coming Soon…

  • Google Two Factor Authentication
    Set google auhtenticator to secure your account access

    Secure your account access with Google Two Factor Authentication every time you log in to JustSign to avoid security breach. Download the Google Authenticator App on your mobile phone to verify your identity on Just Sign with a 6 digit code.

  • Completion Certificate
    Auto generated certificate for every document signed

    Every signed document is emailed to both the parties with a certificate of completion proving the integrity of the document signing process.

  • Non-Editable Audit Trail
    Comprehensive non-editable audit trail and logs of every activity chained with timestamp

    A detailed audit trial is appended with every certificate of completion to prove legal sanctity of every signed document. Audit trail contains a non-editable comprehensive activity log of sender and signer's receiving, viewing and signing the document with timestamp of each activity of the process. The audit trail is acceptable by Australian court to verify the signer’s digital signature pattern.

  • Australian Made, Australian Grown
    Certified by Australian Made Campaign Limited as a 100% Australian product

    We understand the critical nature of legal documents. JustSign is a 100% Australian made digital signature platform, we provide an Australia based customer support and IT team to assist you in using the Portal. All your data is hosted in Australian data centres. Our well trained staff members are capable of handling any queries or complaints regarding the security concerns of handling documents online. We aim to incorporate integrity, and compliance in our services.

  • Import/Export Documents from anywhere
    Securely download signed documents to your drive or upload them in cloud accounts

    For long term archiving you can securely download signed documents in your preferred cloud storages such as Google Drive, Drop Box, One Drive and Box which can be accessed anywhere. You can also upload document from your preferred cloud account to send it to clients for digital signature.

  • Who will Sign
    Document signing options for Just you, Just you and other or Just others

    Decide your workflow to send documents for e-signature. Send documents like business quote that needs just you to sign or send documents like Tax declaration that need you and others to sign or simply send out documents that need just others to sign. You can have multiple signers and choose who will sign and who will just receive a copy.

  • Document Storage
    Easy access to all your documents from Document Manager

    All your documents are located in your document manager folders of Draft, In-Progress or Completed for easy access. You can also download document to your system or cloud account or email the document to anyone from your document manager.

  • Insert attachment in email
    Attach reference documents to email which are not to be signed

    A sender has an option to add supporting attachment to email invitation that does not require signature. Most likely these attachments are invoices, instruction sheet, marketing flyers, polices or guidelines meant for signer's reference.

  • Grouping of Signers
    Save time by creating customized group of signers

    Import your client's database into your JustSign account and speed up your document sending process. You can also create client wise or activity wise Signer's group to save time in selecting individual signers.

  • Share documents with team
    Share common files and folders with team members

    Share your document with other users in your account. Organize your team's daily tasks in shared folders and remotely administer the progress of your delegated tasks.

  • Legal Forms
    Access our Legal Forms specific to industry type

    Use our premade standardized legal forms in our Legal Forms Folder to make the signing process efficient. We have provided several categories of businesses with relevant legal form documents to facilitate your digital signature journey. Explore our legal forms folder in the document manager to witness the legal form categories. Reuse routine document legal forms from pre existing list.

  • Create your own document legal forms
    Customize your own document as a legal form and share with teams

    Senders can utilize our legal forms to make the digital signature an efficient and smooth process. Our digital platform is designed with the relevant set of legal forms to assist you in getting the signing process convenient and efficient in a secured environment.

  • Create Legal Form Folders
    Make your own folders in Legal Forms and assign task to team

    Organize and administer your team activities by creating document folders to assign specific task to your team members

  • Add your business documents
    Upload your routine documents in shared Inbox or save them as legal forms

    Create or upload your customized documents like Invoices, Activity Statements, client declaration forms etc from your system and save time in routine and repetitive task of your team.

  • Administer your team's activity
    Review progress of each team member's documents in their inbox

    Create accounts for all individuals in your organisation, assign administrators to view and manage all documents sent by all accounts.Create accounts for all individuals in your organisation, assign administrators to view and manage all documents sent by all accounts. You can decide which documents should be shared with a particular sender. You can assign a sender for a different set of documents. Multiple documents can be shared with a Sender. Restrict Senders to send documents as and when required with your approval.

  • Customize SMS & Email
    Tailor make your own email and SMS to signers

    Set your standardized format of correspondence to customize the SMS and email sent to each signer. You can also edit every email or SMS script to tailor-make your correspondence.

  • Display your brand to signers
    Display your brand on every email you send to signers

    Design your own business branded email with your logo to amplify your brand’s presence. We offer you to utilize our platform in your branding strategy to have a credible relation with your clients while dealing with digital signatures.

  • Your Brand visibility on landing page
    Display your brand on the landing page of document to signers

    Our Corporate Plan subscription allows the sender to use their own brand on the landing page where the signers go to sign the document. This feature will allow you to make the digital signature experience more personalized by using your company’s brand on the document.

  • Display your photo
    Display your photo on every email sent to signers

    Display your photo with an email for signer to recognize you when they receive an invitation to sign a document. This not only ensures credibility of the sender but also authenticates the digital signature platform’s validity.

  • Invite signers via SMS branding
    Personalize SMS invitation to signers with your name

    Our Corporate plans allow you to customize your text messages sent to signers. You can also send an SMS with your own name to show more personalization in the message.

  • Broadcasting & Collect Payments
    Broadcast a sales campaign via SMS and collect payment online using our payment gateway

    Reach out to your clients using our Broadcast service. Use our online payment gateway - where a sales campaign is broadcasted to your customers via SMS - e.g. restaurant or an event selling tickets. Your customers will receive a SMS and will enter their name & click to pay by credit card on our website and we will reconcile all receipts and pay you directly in your bank account.


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