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5th Generation
Digital Signature Tool

  • Send Digital signature emails - SMS is quicker and best
  • Check who is signing - higher level of Authentication
  • Template your Business processes & Quote / Invoice / Collect payments digitally
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  • Try Just Sign for free 10 documents - no credit card required
  • Highest level of security standard - yet very easy to use interface
  • Comprehensive Court accepted Audit Trail - Secure & Compliant
  • You get tamper free block chained digital signed documents


Signature Envelopes

  • Just Sign yourself or send documents for digital signatures to your customers with your company branding to sign securely via email.
  • Track in real-time progress of document and get notification at each stage.
  • All parties get completed signed document & court admissible audit trail of every event in the whole signing process.
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SMS is best

  • Future proof your business with obtaining signature & consents via SMS from your customers.
  • Get instant digital signature from clients during face to face meeting with Authenticated One Time Password (OTP) on mobile in real time.
  • Its fast and its safe. Read how your business can get smarter. Download Information
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DVS (Document Verification Services) make sure signers are who they claim to be

  • Gives business greater confidence as our DVS ID verification service provides a secure, fast and private way to verify your signers identity.
  • We verify in real-time, Driver Licence, Medicare card or Passports with Australian Governments records and provide a stamp of superier authentication for your signers.
  • The (DVS) checks the biographic information of signers identity document as it matches the original record of the Australian Government. The result gives assurity that signers are who they claim to be.
  • You can also identify yourself via our system - so that when you sign - you put a stamp on documents with your signatrue that you have been verified by Australian Governments DVS ID-Match service to give a higher level of confidence to those who want you to sign digitally.
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Template your Business to eradicate friction in your sales process

  • Save time in getting routine documents and forms filled by you customers.
  • Access either our 300+ pre-made templates or create your own business specific template and share with your team.
  • Access your templates and send them to customers on-the-go and get quicker response and more sales from your customers.
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Broadcast & Collect payments - all in one

  • Reach out to your customers using our Broadcast SMS service.
  • Use our online payment gateway - where a sales campaign is broadcasted to your customers via SMS - e.g. restaurant or an event selling tickets.
  • Your customers will receive a SMS and will enter their name & click to pay by credit card on our website and we will reconcile all receipts and pay you directly in your bank account.

Download information pack.

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Certified Australian Made product

  • We are supporting Australian businesses to digitize their enterprise.
  • Our Australia based customer support and IT team are capable of handling any queries or complaints regarding the security concerns of handling documents online.
  • All your data is hosted in Australian data centers, and we aim to incorporate integrity, and compliance in our services.
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Upload and / or Download - Fully Integrated

  • Import your documents which need to be signed by your Customers.
  • After Digital Signature store your documents on our platform with 2FA security.
  • Send documents to your document storage provider.
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  • Signature Envelopes
    No. of eSignature Requests via Email

    We provide our customers with various annual packages for a certain number of envelopes per month. Beginning of each month we refresh your stock of total envelopes to the agreed monthly count. One envelope contains a maximum of 10 documents.

  • Mobile Signature Request Envelopes
    No. of eSignature Request Envelopes per month via SMS

    A Sender can include a certain number of SMS in each Yearly Plan. For example, a Basic Plan will have 100 SMS which means a sender can send 100 SMS signature request envelopes via Mobile Phone. Extra SMS can be purchased on request.

  • Senders Team
    No. of Senders in each Plan vary from 1 to unlimited

    The primary account holder can add 1 or more senders depending on the type of plan you buy. You can add your staff members as a Sender and give them the authority to send documents to your clients.

  • Senders Team Collaboration
    Share documents with your team of senders

    You can decide which documents should be shared with a particular sender. You can assign a sender for a different set of documents. Multiple documents can be shared with a Sender. Restrict Senders to send documents as and when required with your approval.

  • Setting Priorities and notifications
    Admin controls before document is sent for signing

    A Sender can utilize the admin control options before sending an envelope. You can prioritize a document or set the order in which they are signed. Set an expiry date to sign a document and set frequency of reminders through emails to the client. You can set notifications to receive the progress of the document.

  • No. of Signers
    Maximum number of Signers per Document

    Each document can have a maximum number of 10 Signers. A signer can receive multiple documents to sign at the same time. All our plans have the same limit of 10 signers per document regardless of the plan you buy.

  • Signature Options
    Easy signature options: Draw, Choose Font or Upload Signature

    A Signer can sign a document using different options: Draw the signature with a mouse, choose the font style from the given menu. The signature can be stored for later use. A Signer can also upload his signatures and use them to sign the documents.

  • Sign without an Account
    A signer can sign without being a Just Sign member

    A signer is not required to register with us to sign a document. This is also feasible for a Witness as the Signer can nominate any person as it’s witness. Thus, a Witness can sign the documents without having an account on Just Sign.

  • Sign with any Device
    A signer can use any device to sign the document.

    A signer can use the digital signature platform on any device to sign the document. He can directly check the email request to sign a document on his mobile device and sign the document without any hassle.

  • Signer Notifications
    A notification for Signer to sign the document

    A signer is informed to sign a document through the notification in an email or through an SMS. The sender decides how to inform the signer about the document signature requirement. Once signed, the Signer also receives a notification of completion certificate with a signed copy of the document.

  • Level of Authentication
    Authentic Signing with verification IDs

    A sender requests the signer to upload a medicare card, drivers licence, or Passport to confirm the identity of the signer. A sender can request all or any of the three identity documents to verify the identity of the signer and increase the level of authentication.

  • Face-to-Face
    In-person Signer verification

    A signer can also sign with Face-to-Face aka in-person signing. A sender has the authority to choose the option to verify the signer with in-person signing of the documents.

  • Mobile Verification
    Verify Signer with OTP on Mobile

    The sender can choose to send OTP to the signer's mobile to ensure that the signer himself is signing the document.

  • Sender’s Approval
    Team Members cannot send without approval

    Sender can approve it’s team members to send the documents. They can put restrictions on just sharing the document with a particular team member or allowing it to send the document.

  • Google Authentication
    Google Authenticator Security to login each time

    Google Two Factor Authentication is required every time you log in to avoid any kind of security breach. Download the Google Authenticator App on your mobile phone to verify your identity on Just Sign with a 6 digit code.

  • Non-Editable Audit Trail
    Comprehensive non-editable audit trail and log of blocks of every action chained with time stamp

    Every Signer receives a Certificate of Completion along with the signed document. It also has an audit trail that shows all the details of the Sender and Signer incorporating their activity log of receiving, and signing the document. The audit trail is acceptable by Australian court to verify the signer’s digital signature pattern.

  • Australian Support Team
    On-shore customer support team to address your queries

    We understand the critical nature of legal documents hence we provide an Australia based customer support and IT team to assist you in using the Just Sign Portal. Our well trained staff members are capable of handling any queries or complaints regarding the security concerns of handling documents online. We aim to incorporate integrity, and compliance in our services.

  • Shared Folder
    Use shared folder to share with team members

    Admin can use shared folders to assign or share certain documents with its team mates. It can choose to share multiple documents to the same team member or with different team members.

  • Import/ Export Documents
    Import and export document to Drives or Upload Documents

    Sender can import and export documents to Google Drive, Drop Box, One Note, and Evernote. They can also upload the document from their PC or a laptop if they have saved it on their device.

  • Signers Address Book
    Sender can create a signers Address Book

    Admin can create a signers group by importing or exporting a signers’ list or creating a group by manually adding the names of the signers.

  • Document Storage
    All documents can be saved in your document manager.

    Documents can be found in the folders of Draft, In Progress or Completed. A document can be downloaded, emailed or sent to the cloud from the document manager.

  • Grouping of Senders
    All documents can be saved in your document manager.

    Senders can create a grouping of senders that they wish to assign the documents to. This can reduce their task of selecting the same senders again and again. You can simply choose a group of senders from your document manager.

  • Premade Templates
    Use our premade templates

    Use our premade standardized templates in our Templates Folder to make the signing process efficient. We have provided several categories of businesses with relevant template documents to facilitate your digital signature journey. Explore our templates folder in the document manager to witness the template categories.

  • Create Your Own
    Create your own template

    You can upload your own template of documents from the drive or you can import them from the cloud.

  • Reusable Templates and Forms
    Get re-usable templates from the pre-existing list

    The sender can use reusable templates from the existing list. It gives you the convenience to select the same document from the drop down menu without uploading it again or importing it from the cloud.

  • Customize SMS & Email
    Get your own customized SMS and Email message to send to the signer

    If you have your own standard format of correspondence, then you can customize the SMS and email to be sent to each individual signer.

  • Digitize Your Business
    Providing custom templates to digitize your business

    Senders can utilize our templates to make the digital signature an efficient and smooth process. Our digital platform is designed with the relevant set of templates to assist you in getting the signing process convenient and efficient in a secured environment.

  • Business Branding on Email
    Business branding on every email sent to signer

    Create your own business branded email with your logo to signify your brand’s presence. We offer you to utilize our platform in your branding strategy to have a credible relation with your clients while dealing with digital signatures.

  • Landing Page Branding
    Senders Branding on the Landing Page

    Our Corporate Plans allow the sender to use their own brand on the landing page where the signers go to sign the document. This feature will allow you to make the digital signature experience more personalized by using your company’s brand on the document.

  • Photo with Email
    Email goes with Senders Photo

    Sender can send it’s photo with an email which the signer will recognize when they receive the invitation to sign a document. This ensures credibility of the sender and also authenticates the digital signature platform’s validity.

  • Invitation SMS to Signer
    Invitation SMS to Signer with Senders Branding

    Sender has the option to choose a Corporate Plan to avail the facility of customizing the messages. A sender can also send an SMS with their own name to show more personalization in the message.

  • Broadcasting/ Invite Friends
    Invite your Friends to experience the Digital Signature platform

    Broadcast your business with Just Sign by using your brand name or logo in the documents or correspondence you send to the signer. Give your friends and colleagues to experience the digital signature platform with Free Trial.



Just sign is a 5th Generation online digital signature software that offers businesses a robust way to sign and complete documentations in a secured and efficient environment after customers ID verification while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and security.

Just Sign is a very simple and convenient way to get your documents signed within a short span of time.

You need to sign up and create an account on our portal by clicking on the Start Free Trial button on the Home Screen.

Once you login to your account, you are required to complete a Two-Factor Google Authentication process to ensure secure signing in to your account.

Next you will see the screen with three options of “Just Me”, ‘Just Me & Others’ and ‘Just Others’.

You can also start uploading your file directly from this screen or click on “Go to Document Manager”.

Once you upload the documents, you need to select the Signers by choosing the option “Just Me & Others” or “Just Others”.

Once you are done. You add the signers and then place the signature box where you want the signer to sign the document.

Senders can choose to perform real-time checks on Signers identity documents such as Driver Licence, or Medicare via idmatch.gov.au. The ID is checked via a fast and instant encrypted verification process.
The signer then downloads the document with the access to a private key which is sent via email or SMS depending on the Sender’s preferred mode of correspondence.

Once the Signer accepts the document, it can sign with signature upload, choosing the font or drawing the signature with timestamp.

Signer also supplies any relevant documents for ID verification such as Driver Licence/ Passport/ Medicare card etc if requested by Sender.

Signed documents are sent to both Sender and Signer along with the Certificate of Completion and Audit trail.

Click on the ‘Free Trial’ button on our Home Screen. Enter and confirm your email address. Give the correct answer to the query to confirm you are a valid person and click Activate Account.

You do not need to pay to register while you can utilize the full version of the software in your free trial as well. You will be credited with 10 free documents for digital signatures.

No you do not need to install anything. It is an online software portal that can assist you in signing documents by simply creating an account with us.

A digital signature is an electronic version of the traditional signature that is encrypted with an authentication stamp to verify the Signer on electronic documents. It is a confirmation from the Signer that the document is agreed upon, signed and cannot be altered.

The digital signatures for simple agreements and contracts by individuals is commonly acceptable in Australia with an exception of certain legal cases.

According to Australian Electronic Transactions Act 1999, electronic signatures get the same validation as wet-ink signatures if they comply with certain specified conditions.

In order for an electronic signature to be effective under the ETA 1999, these conditions must be satisfied:

  1. Identity Verification
    The signers need to verify their identity by utilizing the digital methods involved in the e-signature process.
  2. Reliability
    The digital signature tools must be incorporated with technically accepted validation methods such as Public Key cryptography to ensure identity verification.
  3. Consent
    There has been a consent by both the parties to receive the documents for digital signature.

In NSW, Victoria and Queensland, deeds and agreements can be electronically executed by individuals.

However, in ACT, South Australia and Northern Territory, it is still not valid to execute deeds electronically however, agreements can be electronically executed.

Other valid documents:

  • - Non-disclosure Agreements
  • - Employment Contracts or other HR documents
  • - Real Estate Documents
  • - Sales quote or contracts
  • - License Agreements
  • - Offers

  • - Wills
  • - Leases
  • - Adoption Papers and family legal papers
  • - Court Orders

You can do digital signatures in three ways.

  • - Either choose from our pre-existing set of fonts
  • - Draw the signatures with mouse or finger in the given signature box.
  • - Upload your set digital signatures from your drive or cloud.

If you are a Signer you are required to submit the relevant identity verification document as requested by the Sender. They have the authority to request you for any proof of identity.

If you are a Sender, you can access the digital audit trail of the Signer to verify that the document was signed by the same person. Also, the public key encryption is a secure way to assure that the signatures are done by the same person to whom the document is sent.

You can also witness the Signer’s Certificate of completion to confirm the signatures.

The number of senders can vary from 1 to unlimited depending on the plan you have purchased. A basic individual plan can have only 1 Sender.

Yes, you can share multiple documents with your chosen sender. You can also put a restriction on Sender to send a document without your approval.

A sender can send an envelopes via email. Each envelope can have a maximum of 10 documents.

You can send a minimum 100 SMS e-Signature requests via mobile phone. You can request to purchase more SMS eSignature requests if required.

A sender can set a notification to prioritize a document for signing. You can also set reminders daily or weekly for the signer. You can also select an expiry date to sign a document within a specified time period.

Once you login to your account, go to the ‘My Details’ tab on the top right menu in the Document Manager. Click on the ‘Add Senders’ tab on the right top menu. Enter the sender’s details and save.

You can choose to allow the sender to have access to either your folder, shared folder or refrain from sending the documents without approval.

No. It is not a compulsory requirement for signers to create an account in order to sign a document. All they have to do is open the link in the email request they have received, enter the private code mentioned in the email, and proceed to the document for signing.

Once they sign the document, they can be asked to create a free account if they are interested in using the software.

There can be a maximum number of 10 signers who can sign a document.

A signer can easily choose the most suitable way to sign a document if given a choice. It can either draw the signatures, upload the signature or use the signature templates provided by the software.

You can use a PC/laptop, tablet or mobile phone to do digital signatures.

Once you complete the document by esignature, all the senders and receivers are informed via email. They will receive a signed copy of the document and also the Certificate of completion confirming the document has been completed.

Just Sign allows you to add the documents in the following formats; PDF, Doc, Dox, Xls, Xlsx. After the signature is complete, the document is sent to all the signers in a PDF format.

You can add/ upload a document directly to Admin Inbox, Shared Inbox or Save as a Template folder.

There are various types of template documents available on Just Sign from different industries such as legal, real estate, SMSF and Corporate Law. So you can access any of these templates to speed up the signing process.

Also, you can create and save your own template or reuse the same template and forms.

You can track the status of the document from your Document Manager as it shows the document in Inbox, In Progress and Completed Folder.

You can opt to receive the notifications of every step taken by your client.

You can send the documents in order of priority to the Signer.

You can set daily or weekly reminders in the document manager by selecting the Daily/ Weekly button on the document in your Inbox in Document Manager.

You can customize your email message and SMS to the Signer by changing the text of the email shown in the document manager.

Yes, we provide forms which you can use today to get your clients signing them right away.

Yes, you can create your own templates by uploading them in the document manager. Enhance your business performance by utilizing our templates features to speed up the business transactions.

A Sender can increase the level of authentication of the Signer by asking for his identity documents such as Driver Licence, Medicare Card or Passport. Senders can either request one or all of these identification documents to verify the signer.

Secure Signing Process: Signers are automatically verified on their mobile phone by one time password (OTP)

You can select the option of ‘Send OTP on Mobile’ to the Signer’s mobile phone to confirm that the Signer himself receives and signs the document.

We have deployed a 2-Factor Authentication setup every time you login to ensure you conduct a secured transaction with your clients.

Our Data Verification Services (DVS) from the Government managed national online secure system enables you to protect your business from fraud and compliance breaches. This efficient system of ID verification improves your sales with a frictionless secured sales process.

Our software meets and exceeds standards set by Electronic Transaction Act 1999 of Australia. Each transaction and signature has court accepted audit trails to ensure the legitimacy of online transactions and signature to preserve the integrity of the transaction.

Furthermore, our block chain encryption methodology, penetration testing, advanced threat detection ensure an unbreakable SMSF environment.

For those who are ultra security-conscious, like banks, we use similar SMS for customer communications.

Send signers instant SMS to access online software to sign documents digitally. We securely (256 SSL - just like your bank) store all your signed documents on our portal and available to you 24 / 7 / 365 from anywhere on our online software.

Move away from slow clunky printers, scanners etc. Our software sends and collects documents instantly to and from smartphones.

Increase your process and speed up your collecting time by more than 70% as customers send you requested documents on our secured platform for your further processing and integrating in your systems.

Transcript of Audit Trail: Our software keeps track of every step and maintains an audit trail and captures IP address, singing intent, stamping time of signature by Signers for legal identification and verification in court.

All the parties involved in the document signing process receive a Certificate of Completion along with the Signed document when the document is signed by all Signers.

Mobile Phone security standards are comparatively higher than email communications. We utilize various protective methods to ensure the legitimacy of online transactions and signatures.

  • - 2 Factor Authentication password protected sign on method.
  • - Blockchain encryption methodology
  • - Penetration testing
  • - 256 SSL bank like security

The Document Verification Service (DVS) is a national secure online system, which enables authorised entities to electronically verify Evidence of Identity (EOI) documents issued by a range of Australian, State and Territory government agencies.

Our document verification service partner harnesses advanced technology to offer fast, safe identity verification online. Using native and web-based applications, our DVS analyses and authenticates a person’s identity in seconds.

Our Document Verification Service (DVS) checks whether the biographic information on your identity document matches the original record with Australian government. The result will simply be ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

As a sender, you can verify your signers by requesting them to enter the biographic details of their approved photo identity like Passport, Driver Licence or Medicare Card. You can simply drag and drop the document type in the ‘Level of Authentication’ section while sending the document for signing. The signer will get access to the document for signing only after successfully verifying their photo identification. This process is real time during the document signing which saves your valuable time which is wasted in manually verifying the identity of your signers.

If you’re an Australian business entrepreneur or a professional practitioner, you already know that accurate ID verification is critical. It’s a safeguard when on-boarding clients. Moreover, your compliance with industry regulations, and avoiding the damages of identity fraud, and there’s no question you need an efficient and reliable process.

Ticking the box of compliance for regulatory bodies like Tax Practitioners Board can be an extra task on your To Do list. We’ve streamlined the process by building industry-specific compliance checks into your verification process making them recorded, trackable and auditable.

The DVS makes it harder for people to use fake identity documents. With JustSign, the DVS process is embedded into your document signing which saves your time and effort to do the client identity verification.

Although there are various documents that can be verified through DVS identity matching services, we have picked up the below most commonly used documents for your ease which can be used to verify information online with JustSign -

  • a) Driver Licence
  • b) Medicare Card
  • c) Passport

As a document security protocol, your signer will get access to view and sign the document only after they have successfully verified their identity online through JustSign Document Verification Service (DVS). Once your signer has been successfully verified, the signer’s signature will have an appended stamp of ‘DVS Verified’ on the document digitally signed by them along with a unique identity verification number embedded into the stamp authenticating the verification of signer. The signed document will also have a certificate of completion with comprehensive non-editable Audit trail and Log of Blocks of every action including the details of ID verification activity and the Unique ID verification number chained with time stamp.

Yes, you can verify your own photo identity using our system. So that when you sign – there will be a ‘DVS Verified’ stamp on documents with your signature that you have been verified by Australian Governments DVS ID-Match service to give a higher level of confidence to those who want you to sign digitally.

Yes, you can verify any Australian resident with a foreign passport using our Document Verification Service.

Based on your plan subscription, there are number of DVS credited per month to your account. Please visit our ‘Pricing’ page for more information about DVS credits available with our various plans. You can purchase extra DVS from your account by clicking on ‘Purchase Plan - Purchase DVS’.

Please refer to our DVS pricing table below

Additional DVS can be purchased
No. of DVS 20 50 100 200
Price $50.00
(Incl. GST)
(Incl. GST)
(Incl. GST)
(Incl. GST)
Price per DVS $2.50
(Incl. GST)
(Incl. GST)
(Incl. GST)
(Incl. GST)

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